Improving Your Everyday By 1%

I often find myself stuck in a rut of wanting to create better habits for myself but perpetually struggling to carry those new habits out. Perhaps it is because I set myself too many goals that are far too large to realistically see through each week. Perhaps it is because I find myself becoming overwhelmed with having to seemingly upturn my entire routine in order to meet each goal. Recently I’ve been using the 1% rule and oh wow, it’s a made a genuine difference.

If you make the effort to improve by 1% each day for a year, that’s a whole lot of better by the end of it. I worked out what areas of my life I wanted to improve in and habits I wanted to pick up by answering the following prompts.

What would a good day look like?
What areas of my life do I want to improve?
What do I need to change to be a better version of myself?
What do I want to change?
How do I want to feel and what do I want my life to look like by the end of the year?

Once I had an understanding of concrete habits I wanted to place into my daily life I began doing them by 1% each day.

I began to ensure I read minimum one chapter of a book each day. I made sure I left the house and walked somewhere, whether that was a long ramble in the country or a trip round the corner to Tesco (more often the latter), each day. That I began my day with a glass of water. That I chose an area of the flat to tidy each day. Putting my phone down when I worked to be more present. Reading 1-3 industry articles on LinkedIn when I wake rather than mindlessly scrolling through TikTok. Cooking homemade food rather than ordering out.

Improving by 1% doesn’t have to be limited to habits such as the above. If everyone tried to be 1% kinder each day, the world would be a far nicer place to live in. Practice smiling at a stranger. Hold your tongue when usually you’d be tempted to say something too sharp. Tell someone you love them. Pay yourself a compliment rather a critique when you look in the mirror.

Tiny steps lead to big things, always.

How would you improve your everyday by 1%, let us know in the comments below!

how to set intentions – wellness

Your twenties are widely known as the decade where your life possibilities are seemingly endless. Turning twenty certainly feels like a fresh new chapter and the beginning of your ‘dreams coming true’. Yet you may find yourself two years into your twenties, like myself, realising none of those things you’re dreaming of have happened yet. Time feels like it’s slipping from your grasp and those dreams appear impossible. I’ve realised over the past year that those dreams are not impossible, they just require hard work. You need to be able to focus yourself in order to allow them to flourish. Setting intentions provide you with direction. They give you a purpose that will guide you through each day allowing you to work effectively towards making your dreams a reality.

how do i begin setting intentions?

Firstly, it’s best to outline your overall intentions. These are the big ones. Your deepest desires for your life right now. They aren’t going to be achievable overnight but, are the driving force behind every thing you do. On your way to reaching them you’ll achieve lots of little things that eventually will pan into your dream becoming a reality. You need to align your mind, body and spirit and discover what it is that you truly want. Try to only pick 3 maximum, you want to make sure you have clear focuses.

If I am struggling I tend to organise my intentions into categories. For example: spiritual, personal and perhaps career.

Once you have your overall intentions – your driving forces – you can begin to think of monthly and daily intentions. These intentions may be on a much smaller scale- see them as stepping stones towards your big intentions.

When writing down your intentions try wording it as ‘I will…’ rather than ‘I wish’ or ‘I want’. You want to make your intentions vivid within your mind in order to truly see them manifest into your everyday. We don’t want to be still seeing them as dreams, we need to start looking at them as events are inevitable.

As a guiding example take a look at this extract from my own journal:

“I will build a business that will allow me to flourish creatively and will bring me the creative and financial independence I desire. This month I will bring space into my schedule to allow myself time to focus on personal projects and develop my passions. This week I will listen to and trust my creative energies, taking the time to develop my new brand”

how do i remain accountable?

In order to successfully meet your intentions you need to hold yourself accountable. It’s a matter of reminding yourself daily of your intentions and ensuring each action in your day is only pushing you forward rather than hindering your intentions. Motivation is not what is needed here, it is discipline. You need to come to the realisation that it is you who has the power to achieve what you are desiring, and only you can truly ensure you’re doing everything possible to make them possible.

My biggest advice is to set a routine. Every Sunday evening I will make the effort to create a calming atmosphere by running a bath, cleansing my skin, lighting a candle, and taking the time to write in my journal. Below you can find the journal prompts I use to re-focus myself.

  • what are my three main intentions?
  • how did i work towards my intentions this past week?
  • what do i need to let go of this week to remain focused?
  • what are my intentions for this week?
  • write down three things you want to attract this week.

Try beginning each morning by taking a few rounds of deep cleansing breaths and repeating to yourself your intentions for the day ahead. It’s all about focusing your energies and ensuring your always staying on track.

I encourage you to go grab a hot drink. Find a quiet, calming and comfortable space and settle down with a pen & journal. Take your time and map out your intentions. Do not rush. Really focus your energies and accept what it is your truly want. Use the journal prompts laid out in this post and begin setting your intentions. We cannot wait to hear about how this practice benefits you, be sure to visit us over on IG to tell us all about it.

Rating: 5 out of 5.