a b o u t

When I turned eighteen I, naively, felt as if I had mastered my life. I had a place at my dream university, had a tight group of friends I belly laughed with daily, had a summer of travelling to different places and, I apologise for the cheese, had met my dream man. I left for university and it was as if someone had swept the carpet from under my feet and sent me plummeting to unknown depths. I lost all sense of who I was, what I stood for and what sort of life I wanted for myself. I spent my university years hiding myself away terrified of the persistent insecurities plaguing me. I felt lost and I had no idea how to communicate the overwhelming tide of emotions and thoughts that were making me feel so unbelievably down.

It was on an empty word document entitled ‘The Reality of University’ where I found my voice. I made the decision to put the document out into the world and immediately became inundated with messages from friends, peers, and complete strangers who had all resonated with my experience. Their responses made me feel safe and brought a much needed stability to my emotional well-being. It made me feel as if I wasn’t alone and thus could find a way to feel better again. It was from this that Navigating Twenties was born.

The blog has existed in various forms on a multitude of platforms since 2019. In that time I’ve graduated from university, *nearly* completed a masters degree, moved into my first house and, this year will be celebrating four years with that same dream man I met at 18. It sounds more settled, more secure but in reality I’m still pushing through and trying desperately to find some solid footing in this life of adulthood.

You will find a little bit of everything on this blog but, mostly, I hope you’ll find a solid companion in the voices behind each post you read. I have always wanted this to be a safe place. A place where you can come to feel a little less alone, a place to find advice, to find friendship, to unwind, to learn and to perhaps feel inspired. Whatever you are in need of, I hope you find it.

Grab a mug, or let’s face it- a wine glass, and join our community. We would be delighted to have you.