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Are we actually losing our ‘best years? by Sarah Garner

The following post, I am delighted to say, has been written by the exceptionally talented Sarah Garner. One of the best people I’ve met during my time at Durham University!! Like myself Sarah is currently a final year student at Durham University studying for a degree in English Literature and Education Studies. After reading this… Continue reading Are we actually losing our ‘best years? by Sarah Garner

Working From Home- How To Quickly Boost Productivity by Charlotte Dawson.

This article has been written by Charlotte Dawson. To read more from Charlotte, view her blog at or contact her via Instagrams @writtenbycharlotte @copybycharlotte !! Have you found yourself working from home for what feels like forever? The novelty of making a coffee every morning and watching the sunrise has probably worn off and… Continue reading Working From Home- How To Quickly Boost Productivity by Charlotte Dawson.

Grounding My Mind

My mind wanders frequently. My brain seems to be simultaneously reflecting on the past, stressing about the present and worrying about the future. I never seem to be able to ground myself within a moment, a habit I am trying my hardest to kill. In this post you can read about what I mean about… Continue reading Grounding My Mind

we begin again…

I will write again. My new mantra. After what’s been a good few months off, I’m back. Back to writing on my little baby, Navigating Twenties. In this post I give you a quick catch up on where i’ve been these past weeks and, set forth my plans going forward. I hope you have a… Continue reading we begin again…

a new year.

Hello lovelies, wow it’s been a while. My life currently isn’t allowing for much spare time to sit down with a coffee and write to you all. I feel I’m surprisingly calm at the moment for someone who has a pretty lengthy list of final year deadlines fast approaching. Maybe that’s a side effect of… Continue reading a new year.

Reclaiming Your Identity After University by Ashlyn Baker

Before we dive in, let me introduce myself- I’m Ashlyn ( from Liverpool, UK. I neverusally have to tell people I’m from Liverpool because they can guess from my accent. I don’t have an official title like ‘influencer’ that I align with so Content Creator will have to do for now. I create content for… Continue reading Reclaiming Your Identity After University by Ashlyn Baker

August Readings

Every summer my ultimate goal is to read for pleasure. Doing an English Literature degree I can get swamped down by reading the classics so, love to take the time in summer to read anything I want. This summer, sadly, I swapped reading by a pool to reading before/after shifts at work. I didn’t get… Continue reading August Readings

‘The Top Five Books Every Girl In Her Twenties Should Read’ by Amelia Haycock

After a short break the Navigating Twenties Club is back and, it’s back with a bang. Amelia reached out to me asking to write a post for the blog and as an English Literature nerd myself I was delighted when I saw the five books Amelia has listed below. Amelia summarises each book with an… Continue reading ‘The Top Five Books Every Girl In Her Twenties Should Read’ by Amelia Haycock

English Literature Q and A

For those of you who may not know, I’m currently studying for a degree in English Literature and Education Studies at Durham University. I’ll be entering into my final year in October (hopefully physically not virtually) so, thought I would see if any of you have any questions! I chose to focus this Q and… Continue reading English Literature Q and A

Six Months In

When I envisioned 2020…let’s just say it looked the complete opposite of what it’s turned out to be, as I’m sure is the case for every single one of you reading this. I welcomed in 2020 from the comfort of my own home with a tummy full of buffet food and, prosecco. I daydreamed of… Continue reading Six Months In

Feeling Lost

Often, I feel like i’m just falling through my life. An apt imagery would be likening myself to Lewis Caroll’s ‘Alice’. I try to reach out to grasp hold of things to stable me or break my fall but they only offer momentary relief. At the moment lots of things don’t seem certain. I’m coming… Continue reading Feeling Lost

my thirty songs

One thing i’ve really loved doing over the past month is taking part in the ‘thirty songs’ challenge on my instagram stories. I’ve genuinely started each day looking forward to going through my phone to find the perfect fit for the day and, i’ve loved getting an insight into everyone else’s music taste. It’s been… Continue reading my thirty songs

Second Year In Photos

Didn’t expect to be writing a sum-up of my second year at Durham in APRIL but, here we are. I’m gutted I won’t be back up for third term, I adored third term last year. Revising by the river in the sun, all the celebrations, rowing up and down the river with James, cocktails at… Continue reading Second Year In Photos

Working From Home

My boyfriend and I are currently attempting to submit all our final deadlines and sit our second/third year exams within the comfort of my family home. We’re STRESSED and there’s limited wine and NO McDonalds to get us through. It’s very likely, with our current lockdown, that you’re finding yourself in a very similar situation.… Continue reading Working From Home

Dublin, January 2020

For James’ 21st birthday I booked for us to spend a weekend listening to Irish music and drinking pints of guinness in Dublin. We both adored Dublin and can’t wait to go back- although, I’m hoping our next visit will be in a slightly warmer month!! I’ve put together our itinerary of the weekend chucking… Continue reading Dublin, January 2020


Hey, it’s been a little while. I’ve finally found a moment to sit at my desk with a coffee and write a blog post so, thought i’d use this one to update you on the last month. February managed to feel like it was a year packed into 29 days whilst also feeling like my… Continue reading Burnout

Me And My Body

My body and I don’t get on well. My tummy jiggles more than i’d like. The back of my left leg is covered in lots of little scars. I must have come out of the womb despising the tops of my arm, I curse them at least 7 times a day. I really struggle to… Continue reading Me And My Body

January 20′ Round Up

We’ve made it guys. Jesus, Lord WEPT has it been 5 years or 31 days? I genuinely cannot cope with how long this month has dragged on for, worst month of the year I’m certain. Happy to have gotten through it but wanted to have a quick look back on my favourite moments, listens, reads… Continue reading January 20′ Round Up

Dear Evan Hansen

4th of January 2020, Evening Showing. Oh my. What a SHOW. I think, like most, I was first introduced to Dear Evan Hansen via the Broadway soundtrack that was released in 2017. When listening to a musical soundtrack, i have a rule. If I fall in love with the songs and the storyline that I… Continue reading Dear Evan Hansen


O N L I N E NOTONTHEHIGHSTREET.COM I am a proud small business supporter. All the companies that come together to form are small businesses, often family ran, that produce the most exquisitely thoughtful gifts at affordable prices. I’ve been buying birthday, anniversary, christmas presents from here for years; they make the perfect gifts… Continue reading MY FAVE PLACES TO BUY FROM AT CHRISTMAS


My top nine christmas films to see you through until December 25th!! film | favourite scene POLAR EXPRESS | When Christmas Comes To Town, makes me cry every time man. The first film I ever saw in the cinema, every time I hear that opening music I get butterflies in my stomach. The animation borderlines… Continue reading MY CHRISTMAS FILM CLASSICS