the beginning.

When I turned 20 in 2019 I felt as if I could have collapsed under the intense pressure I felt. I awoke to greeting cards filled with sentiments about how ‘these are the best years of your life’ and how ‘the world is your oyster’. It was hard not to feel like my life suddenly had endless opportunities that would bring me success and happiness. Yet as my logical mind began to timeline the next decade of my life I became crippled with anxiety. How could I travel the world, obtain a good degree, begin a successful career, say yes to every plan with friends, find the love of my life to marry, get my first home, adopt a dog, eat healthy, exercise twice a day, learn how to cook, and begin a family all within the short space of ten years. I blinked and two years of my twenties had gone by and I spent 90% of that time stuck inside whilst a global pandemic raged on. Every decision I made seemed to carry so much weight as I was hopelessly trying to navigate myself onto a path that would allow me to achieve all of the above. As I get deeper into my twenties my instagram feed becomes filled with engagements, baby announcements, first home selfies. It’s hard to not compare yourself to everybody else out there, especially when we’re living our twenties alongside Molly Mae who has seemingly conquered the world at 21. I constantly feel inept. I constantly feel lost. I suppose maybe that’s the point of your twenties, you have to be lost for a while to truly find who you are but christ- it’s hard work.

During my twenties I’ve been really lonely. It seems to become harder to talk to friends as everyone is focusing on their own lives. It seems harder to share aspirations and dreams with others because they’re much more real now. My dreams aren’t distant fantasies anymore- they are goals I want to see myself achieve in the coming years. I don’t want anybody to turn me off from them.
I longed for a community that would make me feel more supported. That would make me feel at ease during those anxious moments. A community who I could share every up and down with. A community who I could navigate my twenties with.

So here we are.
It’s been two years of trial and error to bring Navigating Twenties to what I want it to be. I think we’re finally ready now.

I really hope you find a friend in this website and in the voices that will feature on it.
Please stick around, we’d be so happy to have you.

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