Working From Home- How To Quickly Boost Productivity by Charlotte Dawson.

This article has been written by Charlotte Dawson. To read more from Charlotte, view her blog at or contact her via Instagrams @writtenbycharlotte @copybycharlotte !!

Have you found yourself working from home for what feels like forever? The novelty of making a coffee every morning and watching the sunrise has probably worn off and well, now you’re losing motivation and your productively levels are lower than ever. This post is here to help you quickly boost your productivity to get more done every day. You will soon feel accomplished, and proud of your work once again!

How To Increase Productivity

We often get ourselves down when we aren’t being productive. Working from home can seem so much harder too. Sometimes even just getting out of bed can be a drag. Although it is a natural human reaction to feel frustrated during this time, it really doesn’t help, and your productivity won’t improve by just telling yourself off for it. So, give yourself a break, take a deep breath and let’s start fresh.

Here’s some helpful tips you can quickly implement at home to boost your productivity.

1. Create a ‘real life’ working schedule.
Wake up at the same time every morning and switch off at the same time every evening. This forces you to get your work done and allows you to relax at the end of the day. Creating a timetable for when you are working from home can also help with focus and mindset.

2. Remember to eat and drink.
Feeling lethargic or hungry will not help your productivity. So, always have a drink of water by your side and don’t skip meals. You still need to keep your body healthy too.

3. Write a to do list.
Create a list every morning of things you know you can complete, and things you HAVE to do. Order them by importance and feel satisfied when you tick them off. You can even organise your time to get things done by a certain time frame.

4. Schedule Breaks
Make sure you have time away from the screen. Go for a walk, talk to a friend, or just relax! Taking a break is important for your mind in order to not feel overwhelmed. Having a break away from the screen will also reduce headaches, and you will feel more motivated when you get back to work after your break.

5. Set timers for work
If you have a piece of writing to create, set a timer for an hour and focus until it is complete. You can also download apps that will lock your phone until the timer is complete, ensuring you’re not distracted in the process.

Ways To Boost Your Motivation

You cannot improve your productivity without boosting your motivation in the first place. When you feel motivated, you will find you are way more productive and feel so much happier for it. You will end up completing your work sooner and having fun whilst doing so.

– Start a Journal
Keep a daily journal of the things you need to do and include some mindfulness and gratitude too.

– Create an inspiring space
Find a place you want to work in each day and turn it into your office. This space will make you feel as though you are really at work, and not just lying in your bed fighting off the urge to nap. Keep this place tidy, decluttered and make sure there are no distractions around!

– Use your breaks wisely
You may find doing something physical helps you feel ready to sit back down at the desk. If you have hit a writing block, you will need to take a break otherwise you will find yourself staring at the screen, just hoping for some inspiration! You could start a new hobby in between your working schedule. Doing something creative will make you feel more productive and inspired.

– Read or listen to something motivational
Podcasts are amazing. There are tons specifically made for different areas of working. Listening to someone talk about inspiring and motivational topics will also make you feel inspired and motivated. You just have to believe it in your mind too.

Keep The Productivity Flowing!

Don’t stop there!!! To make sure your productivity keeps on flowing, and your motivation levels stay high, here are a few things to remember.

Hold yourself accountable.
You are the only person who is able to ensure you’re getting the jobs done that need completing. Hold yourself accountable by checking you have done all you need to do and tick it off your list. You are your own boss whilst working from home, so treat yourself like one (with a large coffee in hand at the same time). Stay on track and you won’t end up feeling stressed out.

Reward Yourself.
It is so important to reward yourself every single day, even if it’s just treating yourself to a bath or a takeaway…you deserve to feel proud of yourself for working from home, so give yourself some credit.

Remember To Switch Off
The most important rule when working from home is to make sure you switch off. It can be easy to continue working way into the night, skipping dinner (or eating cereal for dinner). So set a time to log off. Make sure you are still having a work life balance !!

Thank you for reading this post, I hope you have found these tips on staying productive whilst working from home helpful. Just remember to give yourself a break and take each day as it comes.
– Charlotte x

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