‘Travel In Your Twenties’ by Phoebe Shepherd.

(Alice here) I just wanted to quickly introduce the piece you’re about to read. Since I started ‘Navigating Twenties’ I wanted to aim to make it a collaborative space where I could build up a little community. I reached out to a few people back in December when I first began this venture and, only one person came back to me; my lovely best friend Phoebe. Phoebe runs her own blog (@followphoebe) which documents her travelling experiences as well as dabbling into lifestyle/well-being. When we left our sixth form, I went off to university and Phoebe jetted off solo to Australia. Very different paths but, it didn’t stop us being best friends. Phoebe was a gem in putting together this post all about her insight into travelling in your twenties. I certainly found that when it came to the point of deciding plans for after a-levels/college travelling was heavily discouraged. I thought it would be worthwhile to hear from the mouth of someone who followed her gut and is now living her life (well once Covid rids itself) travelling to the most beaut parts of the earth. In this post Phoebe reflects on the major lesson she learnt from travelling and encourages you to think about what you want from your life. Once again a HUGE thank you to Phoebe, if you want to check her out read to the end of this post and follow the links !!

We finally have a time in our lives that isn’t controlled by education, parents or a complete lack of understanding. It’s time we take this time back and simply live a little. We have the rest of eternity to deal with ‘adulting’, ‘the future’ and all that scary stuff that comes with ‘growing up’ and, now is the perfect time to ignore all of it completely and have some me time.

You have your entire life to settle and, let’s face it, the past two decades haven’t exactly been ‘yours’ but, now, this one well and truly is. You finally have a *little* bit of adult in you: it’s time to take all that you have and run.

Why would we do anything other than fleeing the country, continent and real life for at least a little bit? I’m a firm believer in a gap year and that you’ll never regret taking one. Yes, it may result in you having to work harder to ‘catch up’ to where you think you’re meant to be. You might have to slightly alter your big life plan but that’s the great thing about plans: there is time to change them. I can, however, assure you that travelling will result in the best memories with the best people. Even the times that seem a bit rough around the edges (or all the way through) will become memories to laugh at and learn from.

It completely baffles me to see people around me settling down and who’ve mapped out their entire lives. Obviously, you don’t have to live life to the extent you’re unsure what bed you’ll be sleeping in each night or have the single aim to avoid all responsibilities for as long as possible but at least live life with a little uncertainty.

I guess I do have my own version of a five year plan but, that mainly includes a list of countries I want to visit. My ultimate goal is not coming home for longer than a few weeks at a time and trying to get all my friends to visit me in different countries along the way. The great thing about my plan is that I really don’t care if it changes. I might end up in Japan instead of Thailand but, i’ll get where I need to go one day.

I think that’s the best thing that travelling has taught me: take life as it comes. I’m not saying just sit back and let whatever happens happen, but, sometimes it just is out of our control. This is probably one of the biggest ‘steps’ i’ve taken as well, prior to travelling the concept of not having full control terrified me. The longer I was away from home, the more I learnt to cope with just taking each day as it comes.

Your twenties are your inbetweenies: too old for the kids table, too young to be a ‘grown up’. So you just have to pick one and roll with it. I don’t know why anyone would opt for the adult table too soon- unless there’s alcohol involved…in which as it becomes the big kids table and, let’s face it, that’s the lifestyle we all want to live. I’ve met countless people that regret sitting at the adult table too quickly or, in other words, not quitting thier job and booking that flight sooner. If you put it off for too long you end up being tied down by too many things. The longer you wait, the harder it is to escape. I know i’d rather be the person saying ‘remember when’ rather than ‘what if’.

Your children won’t exactly care about what job you had at 24 but, hitch hiking around South East Asia, swimming with whales in Tonga, bungee jumping in New Zealand? They’re the stories that’ll stick.

Access Phoebe’s Instagram and Blog via the links below!!

Instagram | https://instagram.com/followphoebe

Blog |https://followphoebe.com/

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