my thirty songs

One thing i’ve really loved doing over the past month is taking part in the ‘thirty songs’ challenge on my instagram stories. I’ve genuinely started each day looking forward to going through my phone to find the perfect fit for the day and, i’ve loved getting an insight into everyone else’s music taste. It’s been something a bit different to take part in but, one thing I wanted more of (because i’m nosy) is to hear people’s reasons behind their song choices. You may have no interest at all in mine but, I thought this might be a different sort of post that may interest a few. If not, at least you’ll have thirty songs to add to your playlists (i’m that confident in my music taste). Read to the end to find the link to my spotify playlist!

1 | ‘a song you like with a colour in the title’
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Sara Barielles. I’m not going to try argue that Elton’s is not superior, of course it is. However, it wasn’t till I heard Sara’s rendition of the song that I really fell in love with the lyrics. Her version just spoke to me a little bit more. Elton himself praised her hugely for it and there’s a video somewhere of them both performing it together. Really beautiful.

2 | ‘a song you like with a number in the title’
26, Caamp. Back when I was sixteen I was convinced that I would meet the love of my life and for some reason we would go spend the rest of our days living in Alaska?! I basically just loved the idea of living in the middle of nowhere in a cute log cabin. Anyway, I found this song and every time I listen to it i’m taken back to being sixteen. It reminds me of being in school, of troubles I thought were so huge and of naive younger me.

3 | ‘a song that reminds you of summertime’
You’re In Love With A Psycho, Kasabian. Summer 2017 a bunch of us went to Leeds Festival and that whole week is up there as one of the best weeks of my life so far. We just had the time of our lives. Kasabian headlined on the Saturday night and I remember just being so ridiculously happy. There’s genuinely no better feeling than dancing with your friends and belting your lungs out in a muddy field.

4 | ‘a song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget’
Pretty Shining People, George Ezra. Honestly, there’s nobody that I would rather forget. I’m a big believer of everything does happen for a reason thus, I don’t really feel that negative towards people that have come and gone. However, this song does remind me of a time with one person where too many unnecessary tears were shed.

5 | ‘a song that needs to be played loud’
Bud Like You, AJR. I don’t think anybody agrees with me on this, my boyfriend especially does not haha. I discovered this song back when I was doing my drama a-levels. We used to play it really loud through the speakers to mentally get ourselves ready for a performance. It just makes me laugh so much every time I listen to it, it’s such a fun song.

6 | ‘a song that makes you want to dance’
Do You Love Me, The Countours. I stand by the fact the Dirty Dancing soundtrack is one of , if not the, greatest soundtrack of all time. This song especially just transports me to dancing in a stuffy cabin with Patrick Swayze. This is the song that is guaranteed to pull me out of my seat onto the dancefloor at a wedding. It’s an absolute classic.

7 | ‘a song to drive to’
Life Is A Highway, Rascal Flatts. If anyone song is going to make you feel like you’re cruising down Route 66, it’s this one. You might be more familiar with it from the Cars Soundtrack. It’s a proper, get the windows down, wind in your hair, hand grasping the air tune.

8 | ‘a song about drugs or alcohol’
Cherry Wine, Hozier. I discovered this song in an acoustic playlist a couple of years ago. I adore Hozier’s voice, this song in particular is really hauntingly beautiful. It’s a good song to pop on when you’re after chilled vibes in your bath or, whilst you’re cooking for date night in the kitchen.

9 | ‘a song that makes you happy’
Happy Hour, The Housemartins. The clue was in the title. I’m still not over the fact after trying for years to see Paul and Jacqui live, Covid-19 stopped my chances. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes that the re-scheduled show in October can take place. I grew up listening to the housemartins, beautiful south and this song never fails to lift my spirits.

10 | ‘a song that makes you sad’
Funeral, Phoebe Bridgers. Back in 2015 to 2017 I had a really tough time. I really struggled with my mental health and there’s not many good memories from that period of time. I used to listen to this song on repeat because it just really spoke to how I was feeling at the time. Nowadays it makes me sad to hear because I hate that I once felt as low as I did. It is a truly beautiful song though, the lyrics are so honest and it helped me make sense of what I was feeling during a time where everything was really confused.

11 | ‘a song you never get tired of’
The Call, Regina Spektor. This song was from the soundtrack to Chronicles of Narnia which, was my favourite film when I was five years old. That is how long I have loved this song. I don’t know what it was about it but, I fell in love with it and 15 years later I still am. Not to be really macabre but, I’ve always said this is the song I want played at my funeral. It’s one of those song that comforts me. If i’m sad or lonely I pop it on and the feeling afterwards is literally the same as if I was being wrapped in a hug. I think that comes from the fact I’ve loved the song for so long that it’s been through so much with me.

12 | ‘a song from your pre-teen years’
Stacy’s Mom, Fountains of Wayne. It was so so difficult to narrow this day down to just one song. There were so many classics from Busted, Mcfly, S-Club, Iyaz- all those primary school disco hits that I was torn between. I settled on this one because at 6/7 years old it was mine and my step-sisters singstar go-to. Listening to it now just makes me lol at the fact that at 7 we used to belt every word to this out in our living room, bit inappropriate hahaha. It also reminds me of Saturday nights spent in Bierkeller when we were eighteen, it’s just a classic.

13 | ‘ a song you like from the 70s’
Magic!, Pilot. Please tell me that as a child you watched The Magic Roundabout?!? Nobody ever knows what I’m talking about when I bring it up but, I used to be obsessed with it when I was little. This song was the title song of the film and I used to love playing it through my barbie speaker (lol). I have a vague memory of somebody like Selena Gomez covering it for the Disney Channel too and I thought it was the best thing to ever happen haha. Again, this day was so hard to choose because there’s just so many 70s songs- I mean ABBA !!!!

14 | ‘a song you’d love to be played at your wedding’
I Loved Her First, Heartland. Not to be that person but, I have a playlist on my phone dedicated to my wedding. I’m not looking to be married anytime soon but, I do enjoy planning it hypothetically haha. My dad found this song years ago now, I think he’d seen it on a viral video of a fathers speech at a wedding. Anyway he initially swore that he was going to sing this to me on my wedding day. Thankfully (my dad is tone deaf) I’ve succeeded in convincing him that there would be no need for singing and instead this could just be the song for our father/daughter dance. Although i’m not sure how much of a dance it’ll be as my dad can’t hear the song without crying !!

15 | ‘a song you like that’s a cover by another artist’
Islands in the Stream, The Shires. The Shires are a country duo and I was lucky enough to see them do this live back in 2018. Their voices are beautiful. There’s not one song of there’s that I don’t adore. I can’t imagine myself ever getting tired of their music. This cover in particular is just out of this world.

16 | ‘ a classic favourite’
Drops of Jupiter, Train. Often when i’m writing an essay I will keep one song on repeat just to really focus on what i’m doing, this has been a go-to essay writing song since my a-levels. It’s a feel good tune that seems to help me write good essays.

17 | ‘a song you’d like to duet with someone on karaoke’
A Little Time, The Beautiful South. I despise karaoke. I think if anyone ever pulled me up to do it I would die there and then. My boyfriend is a singer who LOVES karaoke and is constantly trying to convince me to do a duet. Thus I picked the song I could (I hope) most get away with speaking because, I have a strong feeling one day he’ll use this against me to get me up there with him.

18 | ‘a song from the year you were born’
Mambo No.5, Lou Bega. I was born in December 1999 so just managed to claim some right to a 90s baby status. I had to go searching for songs released during my birth year and when I saw this classic I had to pick it. If you’ve ever watched The Royle Family (british sitcom) you may be familiar with the decorating scene where Jim and Twiggy dance to this song. It makes me cry laugh every time I watch that scene and I can’t hear the song without picturing it !!

19 | ‘a song that makes you think about life’
Places We Were Made, Maisie Peters. Maisie has such a beautiful voice, it never fails to relax me. This song makes me think about being a teenager, about all the drunken nights out, the friendships, the memories. I don’t hold my teenage years in high regard and often I let all the negatives outweigh the positives. This song brings all the good memories into sharp focus and gives me that little bubble of nostalgia in my tummy.

20 | ‘a song that has many meanings to you’
Iris, The Goo Goo Dolls. This song was always played in my house growing up but I think it was when it featured on one of the Twilight film soundtracks that I fell in love with it. I remember being obsessed with it and swore that it would be the song I’d walk down the aisle too. When I first met James I remember stalking through his social media to find a video of him covering this song and I just melted. Hahaha he was just the perfect man. So now, the song reminds me a lot of James. I have a video of him singing this song on our first valentines day which we didn’t get to spend together and it just makes me feel so happy. It’s also his mum’s absolute favourite song and there was a lovely moment at James’ birthday where as he sang it his mum and dad had a dance. So, the song also brings back really happy memories of James’ family too!!

21 | ‘a song you like with a person’s name in the title’
Sam, Jessie Ware. My mum discovered this song, I remember her sending it over to me and it made us both tear up. It’s just a really beautiful song, perfect for a chilled/mellow playlist.

22 | ‘a song that moves you forward’
New Shoes, Paolo Nutini. I was so stuck on this day so I went for a song that was uplifting but also practically linked to the process of moving forward haha. I adore Paolo, i grew up listening to his music and he’s that person i would do anything to see live.

23 | ‘a song you think everybody should listen to’
Vienna, Billy Joel. I think this may be my favourite song of all time. It motivates me when i feel i’m going nowhere. It keeps me grounded. It makes me grateful. I think this world gets too fast paced at times, everyone’s always so focused on ‘the next step’ we sometimes forget to appreciate what’s happening now. I’m guilty for that. This song always reminds me to take a few steps back and, I think everyone should have the opportunity to be encouraged to ‘slow down’.

24 | ‘a song by a band you wish were still together’
If I Could Fly, One Direction. It had to be 1D didn’t it !!! Made In The AM is the album. I saw them at their second to last show in Sheffield and it was genuinely one of the best concerts i’ve been to. I think because it was the last ever shows the energy was just second to none in the arena, won’t ever forget it !!

25 | ‘a song you like by an artist no longer living’
True Colours, Eva Cassidy. I have a love/hate relationship with this song. For some reason it makes me so sad. There’s times when it comes on shuffle and I can’t bear to listen to it because I get too emotional. Other days, i’ll have it stuck on repeat. I remember listening to this album all the time with my dad growing up, I have a feeling that he used to play the song a lot when my nan died…it could have even been her funeral song so, i think that’s why i have such an emotional connection with it.

26 | ‘ a song that makes you want to fall in love’
Loving You, Paolo Nutini. I have a whole playlist dedicated to my favourite love songs and it was near impossible to pick just one. This is one that i’ve been listening to a lot recently. It’s a little bit more cheeky than most love songs and i think that’s what i like most about it. Every time it’s on all i imagine is being spun round a dance floor by my boyfriend.

27 | ‘ a song that breaks your heart ‘
Photograph, Ed Sheeran. I struggle to listen to this song. It was played at the funeral of a close friend who died far far too young. Any time I hear it my heart breaks near enough to how it broke back then.

28 | ‘ a song by an artist whose voice you love’
All You Know, Crossfire Eagles. Had to squeeze him in somewhere. There’s no voice I love more than my boyfriends. James is in an indie band called Crossfire Eagles and, thankfully (as I go to a lot of their shows) they’re very very good. This one is my favourite out of their later stuff alongside ‘Crystal Waves’. However, their new songs (being released shortly) are James’ voice at its best. Very proud.

29 | ‘a song that reminds you of your childhood’
One Love, Blue. Now, I realise that the boyband Blue seems like an odd choice for the song to sum up my childhood haha. I have a very distinct memory of my grandad holding me in one arm, a glass of red in the other and dancing with me round the living room in his house to this song. I don’t have that many memories of being little or, any real memories of us being one big family unit. So, i’ve really clung to this memory for ages now. It’s a horrendous song to be quite frank with you but, that memory means so much.

30 | ‘ a song that reminds you of yourself’
Beautiful Head, The Courteeners. I really really struggled with this one. I thought about ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ from Dirty Dancing because that was like my theme tune growing up haha. Anyone present at my eighteenth birthday party witnessed the greatest thing Phoebe and I have ever, and likely will ever do when we re-created the whole number (yes including the lift). There were a good few others that my dad or mum used to sing to me growing up (Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys being a key one, take from that what you will). I eventually settled on this one by The Courteeners. My boyfriend sent me this song back in early 2019 when I was really missing being in Sheffield. The lyrics were so fitting to us and it’s become one of ‘our’ songs. I just remember feeling so elated that somebody had listened to something and had it bring me to mind, especially a song as beautiful as this one. Whenever I hear it it reminds me of James, it reminds me of us and it makes me so unbelievably happy; i thought a song that did that was the perfect end to these thirty days.

Did you take part in the thirty day song challenge, i would love to hear your songs. Send me over a Spotify link to your songs or direct me towards your stories. I’d love to hear them. If you want to listen to these songs, check the snippets out over on my instagram highlights or listen to my Spotify playlist (links below). I’ve committed myself to an EXERCISE thirty day challenge next…we shall see how that goes. Hope you’re well, happy listening !!
Alice xx



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